Quinta São Sebastião


A partnership between WijnID/De Wijnhoeve Heeze and Quinta São Sebastião exclusive for The Netherlands and Belgium 


The passion of Antonio Parente for Arruda dos Vinhos, the vineyard and its property, a unique and ambitious project was born. More than simply producing excellent wines with character and a strong identity, António Parente wants to share with the world what Portugal does best.

Proof of this is the Quinta de S. Sebastião wines, with body, structure and elegance. All brands combine the knowledge of time with the niceties of modern winemaking, and the freshness that connects them to the region, which can be felt in each sip.

The awards already won testify to the quality they represent and the ability with which they are produced.

The Quinta de S. Sebastião project came about throught the desire of its owner, António Parente, to put the Arruda dos Vinhos sub-region on the map, bringing its producers together in a unique project, under the umbrella of the Quinta de S. Sebastião brand.
The intention of this challenge is to unite producers, a structural and comprehensive project for the region, addressing to the production of wines with unquestionable quality, starting for achieving highly competitive markets in brands and value propositions.

Quinta de S. Sebastião has the ambition of producing high quality wines, with great creativity in the blends, capable of competing against the best national and international production.

The Quinta de S. Sebastião project is based on Exclusivity, Ability and Passion, values that guide our conduct and define our ambition.